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A Few Questions about Starmugs...

Q1: I don't know how many Starbucks City Mugs I have?

Just use Starmugs to shelf all your Starbucks Citymug collections, then share with friends and Citymug lovers. Let’s see how many Citymugs you really have!

Q2:My friend wants to buy me a "Paris" starbucks city mug, but he doesn't know whether i have it?

On top of the Shelf function, Starmugs also offer the Map View function. Your friends can instantly see which mugs you have and which ones are still missing. They can use it to help you find the dream mug while traveling on the road.

Q3:I want to know if there are other enthusiasts collecting Starbucks Citymugs like me. How do I trade with them?

Log on to our facebook page at You'll find people sharing the same intrests in Citymugs, meet mug gurus, and share your amazing collecion with others.

Q4: Is there meanings to the pictures on Starbucks Citymugs? How many sizes are there? There seems to be a few different series?

Come and join us at Starmugs! With the Explore function, you can find all the answers to your questions about Starbucks Citymugs! Including the history of all the mugs released since 1994, and cities and cup sizes that have been included in each series. We have bloggers here to share answers with you.

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